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Characters & Demons
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An Alternate Reality Game!

Project D.E.A.R: The Merge, is an Augmented Reality (AR) game that puts the player in the shoes of a person who lives through the 'End Times' right before the Apocalypse where two worlds are about to merge as one!

Take the red pill again!

You chose the red pill, you regretted your choice and asked your colleagues to clean your memory from everything so you can live a peaceful life! Now the war is coming to you and everyone else, but there's still hope!

Summon and Defeat Demons!

While we are looking for the one true redeemer, we have to face many challenges, we have to face many demons and obstacles throughout the journey to change the world as we think we know!

They are among us!

Most people are afraid of killer robots walking our streets! Tell them, there are worse things lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to walk the earth! The Merge has already begun!

Our Great


Hossein Moazzen

Team Lead

Nima Ravaei


Kourosh Ahrari

Biz Developer

Siavash Jafari

Art Director, Animator

Sara Jahani


Romina Davachi


Mostafa Akbari

3D Artist

Isaac Nikouei


Emma Sherr-Ziarko

VO Artist

Sarina Shad

MoCap Artist